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2015 Boston Dyke March Countdown:
2015-6-12 22:00:00 GMT+00:00


The Boston Dyke March is a non-commercial, community-centered, grassroots, inclusive queer event.  Join thousands of dykes, lesbians, bisexuals, queers, genderqueers, transwomen, transmen, intersexuals, and allies marching for political and cultural change.

Fun Ways to Participate

Express Yourself!
Bring drums, noisemakers, whistles, signs, banners, puppets, friends, cheers, merriment, smiles, pride, and more…

Dykes on scooters
Ride in the march on your scooter

Meet at the corner of Charles and Boylston, next to the Dykes on Bikes

Scooters are not permitted on the Boston Common

Dykes on bicycles
Ride your bike at the tail of the march

Drum troupe
Gather your friends and form a drum troupe

Bring your own drums or pick up them up near the Bandstand

Community Groups
Bring your community group banner and march as a group

Just show up with your banner and people

For more info, contact: dykemarch@gmail.com


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The Boston Dyke March is on Friday, June 12, 2015. The Dyke March happens Rain or Shine!

Boston Dyke March

Meet at the Boston Common Gazebo (The Parkman Bandstand)

March and Rally

Click here to learn how to Volunteer

Thank you to our 2014 Dyke March Speakers...

Speaker - Rev. Irene Monroe

The Reverend Monroe is an ordained minister and motivational speaker who speaks for a sector of society that is frequently invisible. Monroe is a Huffington Post blogger and a syndicated religion columnist. Her columns appear in 43 cities across the country and in the U.K. and Canada. As well, Monroe is a weekly radio commentator on "All Rev'd Up" on WGBH, and writes a weekly column in the Bay Windows. A native of Brooklyn, NY, Monroe graduated from Wellesley College and Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University, and served as a pastor at an African-American church in New Jersey before coming to Harvard Divinity School to do her doctorate.

You can find out more about Monroe at http://www.irenemonroe.com/


Speaker - Grace Ejiwale

Grace Ejiwale was born in a blizzard on December 31, 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up in the diverse communities of Roxbury and Dorchester. As she grew, Ejiwale gained and appreciated a deep and rich passion for the arts, social justice and spirituality. "My passion came from learning how to express the inequalities I saw day to day by first being mentally aware of daily injustices," Ejiwale said. Ejiwale found a passion for art at a young age, saying “to be able to express yourself safely, in a supportive and therapeutic environment is very important. Growing up in an environment where some dreams are nurtured and others aren't based on race, gender and economics has been and still is an issue today in how certain groups will be served by their government.”

Ejiwale graduated from the University of Boston-Massachusetts with Political Science as her major and two concentrations in Womens Study and Africana Studies. Ejiwale can be contacted at grace.ejiwale001umb.edu.


Speaker - Letta Neely

Letta Neely is a Black dyke artist, feminist, and mother. She is originally from Indianapolis, IN where she survived the busing experiments of the 80’s. In the mid 90’s, she lived in New York City where she was a member of the Black Star Express Collective and taught poetry to youth in the five boroughs. She currently resides in Boston with her wife, niece, and daughter.

Letta explores the various textures, technologies and intersections of race, sex, sexuality, class, gender, economics and liberation in her daily living. Hence, her work focuses most intently on the connections and intersections of queerness, blackness, and awareness.


Speaker - Nancy Nangeroni

Nancy Nangeroni has worked for transgender rights since 1990. An MIT-degreed engineer, she founded and co-produced GenderTalk Radio and GenderVision, and has been a leading trans advocate in the Boston area and beyond since her very public transition in 1993. Nancy’s mission is to support the advancement of respect and fair treatment for transgender people, as well as freedom of gender expression and identity, in the most effective way she knows how: as chair of MTPC’s Steering Committee, where she continues to support all of the amazing people doing the good work of MTPC. Nancy enjoys fostering collaboration, doing presentations, and providing design and maintenance tech support for MTPC’s web-based tools.



The Boston Dyke March is
ASL interpreted; wheelchair, stroller, and scooter accessible. An accessibility vehicle is available for those who need a ride for some or all of the March.

Please sign up on our meetup site and/or facebook profile to keep up to date

The Boston Dyke March is for everyone! lesbians - dykes – queers - bi-women - boychicks - tomboys - grrrls - lesbian moms - lesbianas - femmes - butches - transwomen - androgs - transmen - gay girls - bois - womanists – fat dykes -sorority girls with pearls who are sleeping together - dykes on bikes - lesbian crones - african american lesbians -rural dykes - goddesses - genderqueers - poly girls - amazons - hippy chicks - lipstick lesbians - asian dykes - lesbian avengers - dykes in wheelchairs - wise old lesbians - leather dykes – babydykes ... and You!

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